Increase Revenue

…through a clear sales framework

Open and Honest

ShapeShifters Consulting builds open & honest relationships to understand the client’s need and develops solutions which get to the heart of the matter.

Commitment to Solutions

Our commitment to efficient and effective solutions gets our clients focused on the end goal and drives behavior towards successful outcomes.

Forthright Dialogue

We achieve our success by straight and forthright dialogue intended to uncover the best interest of the client, internal stakeholders, and the customer.

Expert Support

When you work with ShapeShifters, you have over 40 years of collective sales experience at your fingertips ready to help you get results.

Our Process

We focus our practice on providing anywhere from a 10%-50% increase in revenue by providing sales training in a process environment. You don’t just receive a training course, but a culture and behavior change through a 6-9 month process with ongoing real time follow up and coaching. We engage your department/division/organization in the organizational change, the design, the solution, and leadership development.

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  • Assessment 20%
  • Sales Training 5%
  • Skill Reinforcement 30%
  • Certification Process 5%
  • Sales Competencies 15%
  • Process Consulting 25%
Karen Borre

Karen Borre

Managing Partner

Karen has 25+ years experience designing training curriculum, work processes, leadership and management solutions in a variety of manufacturing industries. Precision sheet metal, industrial sweepers, high precision testing equipment, window/door manufacturing, food processing, custom laser systems and electric cooperatives, to name a few. She has also consulted in the finance, insurance, education, and non-profit environments.

She has been both an internal and external consultant in her career focusing on selling, designing, writing and delivering training solutions to enhance the customer’s bottom line and to give the individual contributor the ability to apply a new found skill set.

Interesting tidbit: She flew out to sea on a navy C-1 aircraft, landing on the aircraft carrier Kitty Hawk. For 48 hours she trained the appropriate crews to scrub both the flight deck for safe jet landings and the hanger deck for safe maneuverings.

Robert Borre

Robert Borre

Managing Partner

Bob has 20+ years as a process engineer, design engineer and operations manager working in plastics, rubber, construction, aerospace, automotive, model and machine shop as well as precision metal.

Robert is a visionary and strategic thinker moving out ahead of the client to lay a long term foundation and strategy. He is exceptional at process design and creative thinking to improve productivity. He has worked on lean process improvement solutions and designed and written numerous ISO documents as well as quality manuals.

Interesting Tidbit: He worked for the MN Air National Guard for 22 years and retired as Chief Master Sergeant in the Civil Engineering Unit. Hours were spent internationally managing and building multi-million dollar projects for the military as well as humanitarian needs for our foreign neighbors.