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Action Selling is one of our most popular products. It is a full-scale, proactive communication process for planning, conducting and follow up on a sale. Action Selling treats the buyer with respect which leads to lasting relationships and repeat business.

Salespeople who are Certified in action selling improve their sales at 6 times the rate of others and 54% more salespeople achieve quota. (source Aberdeen Research)

Action Selling is a proven system for managing & conducting the entire sales process that applies to any industry & improves the performance of sales people at any level of experience. It is a unique approach that combines “sales skill” & “relationship skills” in a practical, useful, high impact process. 


In an Action Selling Program, the focus is on five critical selling skills:

  1. Buyer/Seller Relationship
  2. Sales Call Planning
  3. Questioning Skills
  4. Presentation Skills
  5. Gaining Commitment

Why the Five Critical Selling Skills? 

Aberdeen Research found that, on average, Salespeople have a surprisingly obvious skill gap that keeps them from performing. Of a normal sales team, 82% fail to differentiate themselves from competitors, 99% don’t set the right objectives for the sales call, 86% ask the wrong questions & miss opportunities, 95% talk too much & listen to little, and 62% fail to earn the right to ask for commitment.


Because on an average sales team:

  • 82% fail to differentiate themselves from competitors 82%
  • 99% don’t set the right objectives for the sales call 99%
  • 86% ask the wrong questions & miss opportunities 86%
  • 95% talk too much & listen to little 95%
  • 62% fail to earn the right to ask for commitment 62%

Action Selling: Next Steps

Action Selling is a baseline course. Once it is complete, salespeople can move on to one of the additional courses offered in the program.

Selling Your Price

Selling Your Price uses proven techniques to avoid the price trap of being involved in a tug-of-war with a client over price. It also alleviates worry that the competition may underbid you and steal away your customers. In this program, participants learn how to create a value proposition that justifies a higher price while building quality relationships.



Strategic Action Selling

Strategic Action Selling is for those who have longer selling cycle with their customers. The course specifically focuses on how to improve prospecting and identifying the strategic roles of the buying process players. It also looks at the company’s benefits that will appeal to various buyer types and how to deliver powerful proposals that sell more effectively.


Questions: Answers to Sales

This course teaches how to ask the best questions to move the sale forward. Upon completion of the course sales people will talk less and listen more, which builds confidence in the buyer that the sales person is serious about meeting their wants and needs. It helps the salesperson to think like the buyer and empowers them to solve pre-sales problems. 



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