Organizational Effectiveness

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Organizational Leadership: Our Approach


Developing leadership is a process. It can be taken apart like an engine. But all pieces must be put back together and finely tuned to make it all work. It’s important to take a look at the system to see what is failing and what needs attention.

What in the system is failing?

An analysis of your Performance Management system (not just annual reviews) would determine the elements that are causing frustration and then provide solutions for improvement. Parts of the system that we’d look are the skills and the competencies and the requirements of each position to determine what needs improvement.

How are the teams working? 

Teams and how they function in the whole of an organization are critical to project and organizational success. We’ll look at what behaviors and processes are getting in the way of high performing teams, group processes, communication, and project management.

Systems Tip

Many smart people mistakenly believe leadership is something people either have or they don’t. In reality, leadership is something that can be easily developed in staff provided they have the right training and support. Contact us today if you would like to develop leadership qualities in the people of your organization.

Questions about Organizational Development?

If you have an idea of what you want, or are interested in which training modules or events might be good for your organization, it’s a great time to schedule your initial (and free) consultation. We would love to begin the conversation about your internal and external sales processes and how we might be able to help you increase your revenue.

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Leadership Development: Services Offerred

Training Design & Facilitation

Needs Analysis, Program Design, Materials Development and Evaluation

In an analysis, we look at the result or outcome you are looking to accomplish and work backwards. It starts by uncovering which part of the system is not allowing the result. Is it People? Process? Product? Once we understand the barriers we design the learning objectives to remove the barriers and enabling results.

We use the ADDIE model of development: Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, Evaluation.


Meeting Design & Facilitation

Leadership Conferences, Focus Groups, Special Projects (Strategy/Goals)

Annual, quarterly or monthly planning sessions for leaders can become difficult given their schedules. We act as an extension of your group to determine, design & deliver any number of following meetings: planning sessions, strategy sessions, leadership intervention conferences, organizational communication meetings, focus groups or sales meetings.


Team Building

Start-up/Getting Organized, Identify the Leader, Managing Group Process, Delivering Results

Team building can be delivered in three formats – consultation, training, or a combination of both. Consultation involves diagnosing teams and how they are functioning to give a recommendation on next steps. It may be determined that consulting with the team on process behaviors, with a combination of training the team to give them tools for self-management, is appropriate as well.


Leadership Development

Individual Development Plans & Skill/Competency Development

Individual development plans don’t seem like a big hurdle until it comes to writing them. Many managers start but never finish the task either for themselves or their direct reports. An outside source can give clarity to the skills and competencies needed for achievement. We can help write plans that are realistic and achievable along with determining the appropriate skills necessary for the job.


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