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Training is a method of enabling a change to the process of your sales structure. Training is an invaluable tool and approach to changing the way a business operates, but only if used in the proper context and supported by changes in processes, policies, or compensation structures. Without awareness of the greater system a training program is being put into, it risks being ineffective.

Any trainer worth the money you pay them needs to do a needs assessment so they can be confident that the training program can thrive in the organization they are placing it. Consequences of analysis free training are: lack of leadership and stakeholder support, conflicting or competing systems resulting in interpersonal conflict or lack of results, misalignment and miscommunication between departments, and inconsistent expectations. Any of these risks can result in now change or even cause a detriment to the effectiveness of the existing system. A responsible trainer always asks questions and gets to know the environment in which they are imparting the change.

Systems Tip

Many smart people mistakenly believe training can come out of the box and effectively meet organizational needs.

An isolated event, like training, can only deliver value to your customers when considered and approached in the context of the greater whole.

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Questions about training possibilities?

If you have an idea of what you want, or are interested in which training modules or events might be good for your organization, it’s a great time to schedule your initial (and free) consultation. We would love to begin the conversation about your internal and external sales processes and how we might be able to help you increase your revenue.

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Process Consulting

Since any kind of intervention can’t exist in a vacuum, it is important to consider the organizational context the intervention will live in. Additionally, changes outside the sales department or system may need to be made in order to support the training. We partner with the leadership team to look at the internal and external sales processes for improvements that can be made to support the training program or to increase the revenue stream.

Other Parts of the ShapeShifters Process

Sales Competencies

Through individual assessments we can determine the competencies gained and strategize on where and if more training is to occur.

Skill Reinforcement

After the sales training courses are complete and knowledge has been transferred, it becomes time to implement the knowledge into the workflow and active systems within the organization. This phase of the engagement includes 12 weeks of skill reinforcement that is live with customers.

Train The Trainer

Once the sales people are engaged with learning how to apply their skills and new perspectives to the job, it becomes time to pass on the “how to teach and support” torch to the sales management or leadership team. This enables the management team to deliver and coach on the process themselves.

Karen’s enthusiasm and passion for her work is exceedingly rare in today’s market.

Her knowledge and ability to teach people makes it easy for the participants to grasp difficult/foreign concepts and actually understand why they need to perform them. She is also one of the most helpful people I know. On a number of occasions, I have used her as a sounding board for complicated issues and she’s never let me down!

Nhut Doan

Sales Manager, Supply Chain Services

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