Three Legged Stool

Three Legged Stool

Sales Managers, Sales People, and communication are highly interconnected. They each have their own set of definitions and processes, and they all need to do a fine dance with each other to be effective.

Three Parts of Increasing Revenue

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Three Legged Stool

Sales Managers are the key to managing, coaching and developing the team to gain the revenues and results set by senior management. They are the translators of results, to objectives, and then into actual sales activities that the team needs to perform. Sales managers need to be good communicators to translate management’s intent as well as coach individuals to excel at their best and need to be included in any training efforts in order for them to be effective.

Sales People are the feet on the street realizing the the organizational results. If there are no sales, there is no organization so you want to be good to your sales people. They need to communicate with their customers to completely hear and understand the need and sales people need to be in communication with management as well in order to inform the mangement team of new intelligence, customer issues, product or service concerns AND when they need help with a customer.

Communication is the key to most situations, and is overlooked a lot. We teach communication skills first to BOTH sales managers and sales people so that both groups hear & understand each other as well as their customers. You can have excellent sales management and excellent sales people, but if they aren’t communicating, your team is ineffective.

Designing and coordinating effective coordination between these three components is challenging and exhilarating. There are many moving pieces. And when they all come together, “Shazam!!” You’ve shape shifted to a new process.

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